Great Suggestions


A thank you to Rick and Jana Goldenberg for suggesting a special day in East Hills when residents can donate clothing for a charity. It is a considerate and valuable idea which we are working to make happen.

A thank you to Barbara Kaplan for suggesting that separate recycling bins be placed at the park. Her suggestion was extremely valuable and fits in with the Village’s great commitment to the environment. It was ideas like Barbara’s that led to the concept of “Green Day” in East Hills which is held every year. It is yet another statement that East Hills is fully committed to environmental safeguards and innovations.

A Round of Thanks to Peter Wagner for emphasizing the immediate need for environmentally conscious programs in East Hills. While the Village has been devoted to this concept, the renewed focus was extremely helpful and valuable.

To Peter Wagner, adding to and publicizing ideas for conservation and protection of the environment. Through his suggestions the board has created a logo for its green programs and increased its protection of energy efficiencies for the village and for the residents.

To Hilda Yohalem, Carmen Krauss, and Judi Winters a thank you for suggesting the agenda be placed on the website before meetings.

To Barry Winters, a thank you for suggesting valuable changes to the proposed tree statute. His in-depth recommendations proved useful in refining the local law.

To Michael and Fran Weiner of Lakeville Estates, who as early as September 2005 suggested that the new pool at the Park at East Hills be opened as soon as possible rather than waiting until all the facilities are available, a thank you.

To Ellen Richards of Nob Hill, for suggesting means and methods to further keep East Hills and Glen Cove Road clean, a round of thanks.

To Mark Levy who provided valuable information which allowed East Hills to join the National Flood Insurance Program, kudos and a thank you. Mr. Levy researched the background, application process and steps that needed to be taken and then once the information was provided, the Village joined in record-breaking time.

We are grateful to Frank and Lois Finkle of Cantebury for suggesting that the days that contractors can’t work be added to the East Hills Calendar. Again, the suggestion was gratefully accepted.

Rota Titler – Thank you for her valuable suggestion that all oil tanks be covered so that they are not offensive to neighbors and visitors in the Village.

We appreciate great suggestions from our residents!