February Calendar of Events

We are glad to provide you with the major events and meetings for February. Please see the following calendar of events:

Sunday 2/2/2020 1:00 pm Completion Village Lounge Senior Technology Workshop*
Monday 2/3/2020 8:00 PM Completion Courtroom Architectural Review Board
Sunday 2/9/2020 1:00 pm Completion Village Lounge Senior Technology Workshop*
Sunday 2/16/2020 1:00 pm Completion Village Lounge Senior Technology Workshop*
Tuesday 2/18/2020 4:00 pm 8:00 pm Courtroom Tax Grievance Day
Tuesday 2/18/2020 8:00pm Completion Courtroom BOT Meeting
Sunday 2/23/2020 1:00 pm Completion Village Lounge Senior Technology Workshop*
Monday 2/24/2020 2:00pm 4:00pm Theater Legislator Lafazan District 18 tax grievance workshop

*Please contact Clara Pomerantz for more info and to register at ccpomer@aol.com. Registration is required.


  • When walking outside at night we urge you to wear reflective material AND use a flashlight to show drivers you are on the road. DO NOT WEAR BLACK OR DARK CLOTHING. Please wear bright clothing, or purchase a reflective vest/built (eg. Amazon) – it will save your life!
  • Please curb & clean up after your dogs when walking them in our neighborhoods. Make sure backyard gates are closed and that dogs have collars with ID tags.
  • When walking in public areas and on our streets, dogs should ALWAYS BE LEASHED.
  • Observe all speed limits and traffic signs when driving.
  • Consider purchasing Airnoise device to register your complaints about low flying planes. Click on the following link: http://villageofeasthills.org/notices/mayor-recommends-new-device-to-track-excessive-and-oppressive-airplane-noise-and-air-pollution/
  • For information on ways to deter crime, please visit our website at http://villageofeasthills.org/information/safety-tips/.
  • Please note: A "No Solicitation" sticker is available – at no cost – at Village Hall so that no one will ring your doorbell and ask for donations or attempt to sell you merchandise. If you want those protections pick up your sticker at Village Hall.



  • Monday, February 17, 2020 (President’s Day)


The Village offers text messaging for emergency notices. If you'd like to sign up please click on the following link: http://villageofeasthills.org/information/village-text-registry/

Please LIKE our Village Facebook pages: Village of East Hills and East Hills Village Connection and visit our website www.villageofeasthills.org to receive up-to-date information and submit comments/suggestions.

PLEASE NOTE: UBER AND LYFT DRIVERS often wait on interior streets of communities for their next ride. Please call the NCPD regardless whenever you see any suspicious activity.