Opening Pool Initiatives

The Pool is now open!

UPDATE: May 29, 2021

Due to cold temperatures, coupled with rain, we are closing the pool today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, but the weather forecast for both Sunday and Monday is quite challenging. We will keep you updated.

Have a great day, despite the dreary weather.

Best regards,

Michael Koblenz

UPDATE: May 28, 2021

We have not heard back from the State or County on new policies they will set on masks, social distancing, and even the rules for vaccinated and non-vaccinated residents and guests at the pool.

The County, despite our repeated calls for change of the present rules at the pool, has presented us with only two options:

A new approach, (number one), which we are now ADOPTING:

1. To require that everyone wear masks and social distance, (for the time being), in all common areas. This includes the areas when entering and exiting the pool.

However, like last year, masks will not be required when entering and leaving the swimming pool, while in the pool, when residents and guests are on lounges, and, of course, when eating at the Grille.

Or, the County offered a second option, expressed in our earlier email, and which we are now ABANDONING which provides as follows:

2. To require documentation be shown of vaccination at the entrance, and if none, masks be worn by non-vaccinated people, as well as social distancing.

Again, the lounges can be moved so that social distance can be maintained between parties. The lounges will also be cleaned regularly when residents and guests leave.

The County and Town of North Hempstead are also temporarily adopting the same policies as we will implement and which are contained in the first option above.

We hope – and expect – that new policies will be issued by the State and County soon. We will update you as soon as they are received.

Once again, I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend!

Michael Koblenz

UPDATE ON THE OPENING OF THE PARK:  the following is the information, as of today, on the opening of the Park. We await further COVID guidance on the requirements for vaccinated and non-vaccinated residents and guests.

On Saturday, May 29, 2021 the Park will open and remain open daily as follows: Saturday, (May 29th), Sunday, (May 30th), and Monday, (May 31st), from 10am to 7:30pm and thereafter, each day from 10am to 6pm. Later hours will be set when the full staff is in place.

To enter the pool:

  1. All residents must have up-to-date Park Cards.
  2. Guests are allowed with residents and 10 free guests are allowed per household.
  3. Full capacity for the pool is now allowed, without sign-ups and sessions.
  4. All Residents and guests will be required to show proof of vaccination; or Registration with the Excelsior Program. The resident’s proof of vaccination will be recorded and will not be required after the first visit.
  5. All non-vaccinated residents and guests will be required to wear masks around the pool, and socially distance from other parties..

Grille: Open.

Sign-ups: No. As pre-Covid, open to East Hills Residents and their paid guests.
Sessions: No.

Sign-ups: Yes.
Sessions: Yes.
Park Cards must be shown and guests paid for in order to play.

Awaiting further CDC guidance. One court requires extensive repairs.

Fitness Center
Open as soon as staffing permits.
Sign-ups: Yes.
Sessions: Yes.

Trails – Open May 29, 2021.

Dog Park – Open.

Card and Interior Rooms – Awaiting further guidance.

Theatre – Awaiting further CDC guidance.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.
Michael Koblenz