Power Outages Update

Some of the power in our community has now been restored.  That doesn’t help so many of us, who, like my Deputy Mayor and myself, continue to be without electricity, the internet and cable. Our greatest fears on service have proven to be true. PSEG’s promises and deadlines were artificial. The utility was unprepared and their failures unjustified. One of our residents just got a message from the utility saying his power would be restored today. But, in fact, his power was restored two days ago! They are in disarray.

As part of my testimony to the State I ask that you please send us a statement of your experiences with PSEG. Submit the explanation to our email address: OutrageontheOutage@gmail.com

Also, as we continue to prevail on PSEG to restore our power,  we ask all residents who still do not have power to click on the following link and complete the form ASAP: https://villageofeasthills.org/ongoing-power-outage-report/

Please see the link to the article, “Mayors Criticize PSEG Storm Response” which appears in this week’s ROSLYN TIMES. It contains my extreme dismay for their misinformation and failure to respond to the recent tropical storm. https://theislandnow.com/news-98/mayors-criticize-pseg-storm-response/amp/

Thank you, and please stay safe,

Michael Koblenz