This is an update on the pool closure

June 4, 2022

I am pleased to report that today we had a meeting at the pool to confirm that we will be able to open for the season on Wednesday, June 8, at 10a.m.

We believe all repairs have been done. The Pool requires that chemical balance must be reached which takes a couple of days. This is especially important with COVID still in existence.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Park this week!

With all best wishes!

Michael Koblenz

May 28, 2022
We worked late last night with a company that services the Town of North Hempstead pools, along with other large pools.The pump started up and we were finally able to fill the pool. However, the pool needs to be heated and the chemicals added and balanced safely.
We are having additional meetings with the pool company to determine what needs to be completed in order to correct the problems. We do not yet know the status and reliability of the pumps.
As you may know, we built the Park 17 years ago and never had any similar problems.  The pumps and pool controls do not provide advance notice when they are going to fail as with other machines.
We had an emergency meeting today with the Board to review the situation. Michael Kosinski, a long -time resident who worked with me when we built the park, knows  the workings of the pool from the first day we opened.  He has spent countless hours this week trying to find a solution to the pump’s  failure.
We are hopeful that we can get the pool working by next weekend, subject to obtaining new parts if they are needed.
We regret any inconvenience this unforeseen and unfortunate situation has caused over the holiday weekend.
I will continue to advise you of all developments as we move forward.
Best regards,
Michael R. Koblenz