Document Request – FOIL

Village Clerk-Treasurer
209 Harbor Hill Road
East Hills, New York 11576

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) protects citizens’ right to access public documents and records of a government agency. Each copied page is $.25 except for oversized documents. The Freedom of Information Law can be found at

The most frequently asked questions can be found at:

The Village Clerk-Treasurer serves as the Freedom of Information Officer for the Village of East Hills. She can be reached at 516-621-5600. Appeals will be determined by Mayor Michael R. Koblenz at 516-621-5600.

To request access to public documents and records, submit a completed Freedom of Information Request to the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s office at the above address personally or through this website by completing the request form below.

When the Village receives a request, under §89(3)(a) of the Freedom of Information Law it has five business days to grant or deny access in whole or in part, or if more time is needed, to acknowledge the receipt of the request in writing and indicate an approximate date by which the Village will respond to the request, usually not more than 20 additional business days.

Freedom of Information Request
To: Donna Gooch, Village Clerk-Treasurer