Dog Park

With the successful opening of the Pool and Tennis Courts, we are delighted to announce we will now be re-opening the Dog Park. Reservations can be made in a similar way to the pool and tennis.

Every Friday at 9am in the morning reservations can be made for the next ensuing Saturday through Sunday.
For your convenience, the link to our reservation page is The heading is “Dog Park.”

Each residence can reserve up to four one-hour sessions during the week and one on the weekend. If, however, there are openings within 24 hours of a session, new reservation(s) do not count towards the household limit.
Our program features:

  • Using two areas, A & B, with A being East area and B the west area.
  • In each area 6 household are allowed
  • At each session, a limit of to 2 family members are allowed with their dog(s).
  • The time slots each day are, as follows:

All residents are reminded they must wear face masks in the Park.

Stay safe and healthy!

Michael Koblenz



Use the link below to see who’s at the East Hills Dog Park from our LIVE camera stream!

“Play dates” – watch the dog cam so your dog can visit when friends are playing.

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