Proposed legislation : Fees, Bonds and Deposits by Resolution
Scheduled for Public Hearing July 16, 2024 at 5:30 PM (view legal notice)
Proposed legislation Bill T02-24: Repealing certain fees, bonds and deposits by statute and replacing them by resolution

Proposed Legislation: Sanitary System Requirements
Proposed Legislation Bill T02-2023: Sanitary System Requirements for New or Substantially Improved Structures

Proposed Legislation: Senior Residence District
ARTICLE XXVII – Senior Residence District.
Zoning Map

Cannabis Retail Sales
Cannabis Retail Sales Statute

Moratorium Law
Moratorium Law
Historic Structure Demolition Law

Recreation Fee Legislation
Payment in Lieu of Dedication Law

Protection of Dog Act 2020
View proposed local law to protect against the unfair and improper care of dogs