Recycling / Sanitation

Pick-up Days

NORTH OF HARBOR HILL ROAD (Zip Codes: 11576, 11548)
Kitchen Trash: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Rubbish: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Recycling: Tuesday, Thursday

Kitchen Trash: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Rubbish: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Recycling: Wednesday, Friday

New Environmental Recycling Program Pilot Program Initiated

Sanitation Adjustments

Please refer to this chart for Kitchen Trash, Rubbish, and Recycling Information

Remember for Best Service

Outdoor Rubbish must be placed at the curb after 5:00 p.m. the day before collection and before 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection. Branches and garden waste may be bundled and tied and must not exceed four feet in length. Branches and garden waste may be left in either a covered or uncovered garbage container so long as the length of the branches do not exceed the height of the container. Garden waste must be kept separately from Kitchen waste. Kitchen waste and recycling may be stored at the backyard pick-up area at any time. All other items including outdoor rubbish, branches and garden waste must be brought to the curb. Kitchen waste must be in a closed plastic bag or covered garbage container. Garden waste may be placed in closed plastic bags as well. Each waste container must not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Do not discard any broken glass, sharp metal, or material liable to injure the collectors unless it is put in a box marked “glass”.

Garbage containers picked up in the backyard pick-up area cannot exceed 32 gallon capacity. All 32 gallon containers or less will be returned to your backyard pick-up area by crew.

Dogs must be kept away from sanitation workers. All dogs must be leashed.

Do not mix or deposit any recyclables in with your garbage or rubbish.

Materials from building, construction or a renovation will not be collected. These materials must be disposed of directly by residents or their contractors.

Do not dispose of hypodermic needles or other medical waste in your garbage or rubbish. Contact the Nassau County Department of Health at 571-2019 or any hospital or nursing home licensed by the NYC Department of Health for information and instructions on proper disposal of used needles.

Recycling bins with lids are available for purchase at the Village Hall for a fee of $36. Lids are not available for separate purchase.

Snow Falls

For the safety of our collection workers, when there is an accumulation of ice or snowfall of 4” or more, a path must be cleared from the street to your receptacle storage area for access to your back or side door collection location. If this is not possible, please ensure that your garbage is placed at the curb for pick-up until you have cleared the snow.

Hazardous Materials

S.T.O.P. Collection Day Program (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants)
Materials such as oil based paint, gasoline, aerosols, and cleaners can be corrosive, explosive or toxic if placed in your regular garbage. Several days a year the Town of North Hempstead organizes a collection of hazardous items like these. Call 767-4600 for a schedule of S.T.O.P. Collection Days.

Special Pick-ups

Bulky items in excess of maximum units permitted, containing regular household garbage and rubbish can be picked up only by special appointment. Pick-ups of all appliances, furniture, bed springs, mattresses, bed frames, carpeting and padding, linoleum, limbs and branches exceeding 5” in diameter, sawdust, bicycles, tricycles, TV aerials, sinks or similar items larger than 2’ x 2’ x 4’ must be scheduled for special pick-up. No auto tires are permitted.

No construction or renovation material will be taken. The homeowner must arrange with their contractor to have the construction materials removed or brought to the Town of North Hempstead site (see “Resident Dropoff” below.) Removal and disposal of all other materials must be arranged by the Village through appointment only.

Call the Village of East Hills at 621-5600 to make an appointment for the next special pick-up day available. Please note there is a minimum charge of $30 and up, depending on the size and the weight of the load. The actual cost is determined on the morning of the pick-up and the bill will be sent to you by mail. All materials for special pick-up must be left at the curb after 5:00 p.m. the night before and no later than 6:00 a.m. on the day of the scheduled collection. Remember: Doors must be removed or locks broken on all refrigerators and freezers. Carpeting and padding should be cut to 4’ lengths and rolled.

Resident Drop-off

All Town of North Hempstead residents may, for a nominal service charge, bring general refuse, household construction debris, demolition materials, yard waste, motor oil and batteries to the Town of North Hempstead Drop-off Facility at 999 West Shore Road, Roslyn. Curbside recyclables may be dropped off at this facility free of charge. For more information contact the Town of North Hempstead Recycling Hotline at 767-4600 or visit the North Hempstead web site.


If your collection day falls on a Village holiday, kitchen trash, rubbish and recycling is cancelled for that day. Recycling will be picked up on your next collection day.


Kitchen Trash/Household Rubbish: Any regular pick-up day
Outdoor Rubbish: Any regular pick-up day from the curb only
Recycling: Plastic and Glass on either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your regular pick-up day. Recycling: Paper and cardboard on either Thursday or Friday depending on your regular pick-up day. Containers will be returned to your garage area or back yard pick-up area for you.