Meetings with the Mayor

While meetings have always been readily available with Mayor Koblenz, now he has reserved specific times on the weekends to encourage residents to meet with him. The meetings can address any issue from new ideas to concerns or compliments. The Meetings with the Mayor Program is a sister program to the “Instant Access Program,” which offers immediate responses to questions on the homepage of the village’s website. The new program does not, in any way, prevent meetings from being arranged at other times that are mutually convenient.

The Mayor will meet with residents in the mornings and afternoons on Saturdays and Sundays.

“This new program is designed to encourage residents to meet with me to discuss any issues, concerns and concepts that are on their minds,” said Mayor Koblenz. “I welcome the opportunity. It is always a pleasure to hear, first hand, new ideas and to find solutions together to the problems raised.”

For a Meeting on the Weekend, complete the sign-up form.