Services Provided


Pick-up three times a week is provided on the dates set forth in the calendar, which is included on this website. In addition, separate recycling pick-ups are provided twice a week as also set forth in the Village of East Hills calendar. John Salerno, Superintendent of the Department of Public Works, is available at Village Hall at 516-621-5600.


A security patrol travels throughout the community to report any suspicious activity. You may contact Jason Schwartz, Public Safety Director, at 516-484-7052.


The Department of Public Works oversees the environment and maintenance of the roads and properties of the Village. You may contact John Salerno, Superintendent of the Department of Public Works, at 516-621-5600. Snow removal.


The Village maintains a court system to hear traffic tickets and code violations. Mary Sherry, Court Clerk, can be contacted at 516-621-6117.


Permits, applications, taxes, and general information is provided at Village Hall. Donna Gooch, Village Clerk, will provide any information and respond to any request, including freedom of information, at Village Hall at 516-621-5600.


The Village maintains a Code Enforcement Office to ensure building is conducted in compliance with its codes and regulations, and that properties are maintained as required by law. Either Tom Murphy or James Trotto can be contacted at Village Hall at 516-621-5600.


The Park at East Hills: The rules for the park, applications, and maintenance are provided by the Park’s department with Dave Squillante as the Park Director. He can be contacted at Village Hall at 516-484-9800.

The following facilities are available at The Park:

  • Fitness center
  • Tennis facility-Opens during the day at all times, weather permitting
  • Basketball courts-Available to residents and guests
  • Community lounge-Available for card playing; residents have access to television and computers-contact Dave Squillante, 516-484-9800.
  • Pool and grill-The pool opens Memorial Day weekend and closes during or after Labor Day weekend. Park passes are required for all residents to enter the pool. 10 free guest passes are given each year per residence.


Two volunteer fire departments provide emergency service when fires occur. The Roslyn Rescue can be reached at 516-621-3899, and Roslyn Highlands at 516-621-7539. Either department can be contacted in case of emergency.


15 acres of property are available for walking and enjoying the pristine property. Contact Dave Squillante, Park Director, at 516-484-9800.


Two size distinct dog parks are provided for the enjoyment of the canine members of families in East Hills. Contact Dave Squillante, Park Director, at 516-484-9800.


Playgrounds are available all-year round, weather permitting, for children to enjoy.


  • Kids in the Park (KIP) Programs provide entertainment for children. Contact Stacey Siegel, Chair of the Kids in the Park Committee, at 516-621-5600.
  • Senior Activities Committee (SAC): A wide array of programs are available, including trips for the senior members of the East Hills community. Contact Natalie Mansbach, Chair of the Senior Activities Committee, at 516-621-5600.
  • The Mayor’s Trophy Tournament: This highly competitive softball program in the fall allows the talented East Hills residents to compete. Contact Co-Chairs of the Mayor’s Softball Tournament Committee, Stew Faden and Peter Wagner, at 516-410-6666 or 516-527-1200.
  • Women’s Softball League: Over 80 women participated this year in this impressive competition.
  • 4th of July Fireworks/Labor Day Concert: These annual events are spectacular and attract thousands of East Hills residents and their guests.


These functions, including emails and publications, are prepared by Bill Burton, who can be reached at 212-672-1840.


This once-a-year unparalleled publication, available on this site, provides sanitation pick-up, telephone numbers, and other useful information for the convenience of all residents. Bill Burton handles this publication. He can be reached at 212-672-1840.