Blue-Ribbon Security Commission Formed in East Hills

After a burglary and a robbery occurred in East Hills during the holiday season in December, Mayor Koblenz acted immediately, and at a village-wide meeting held within a week of the second incidence, announced he would reconstitute the Village Security Commission. Keeping to an expedited schedule, the committee met a few weeks later, on January 11, 2016 to begin to explore ways to make East Hills even safer. The Mayor emphasized “We are fortunate that such fine members of our community are willing to serve to address this all-important task. Reducing crime is our number one objective.” The Village has one of the lowest crime rates on the North Shore of Long Island, but is resolute in making even greater inroads. “Any crime is too much” stressed Manny Zuckerman, Deputy Mayor and Supervising Trustee over the Security. “We need to consider all means to make our families even safer” said Trustee Clara Pomerantz. The commission immediately went to work and finalized a new village sticker to be used to identify residents’ cars and gain entrance into the award-winning Park. The meeting also yielded other positive results as a private police force was taken off the table because of costs and a volunteer neighborhood watch patrol was also not deemed viable. Cameras at the entrances and lighting remained two important topics of discussion. The commission resumes its work on February 8, 2016.

At the village-wide meeting on December 16, 2015 Mayor Koblenz emphasized: “While we wish we could eliminate it, realistically, that may not be feasible. Putting safety in our neighborhood in perspective, I think we can all be proud of our low record of crimes in the past. Although any crime is too much at any time.”

“Our security program which has now been effective for over 23 years, coupled with the Nassau County Police, and even signage at the entrances of all our entrances has proved to be an effective deterrence, and yet, again, never effective enough. Our rate of burglaries had been extremely low. Almost all of the burglaries involve homes where alarms were not on, doors were not locked, windows were open, or the houses had no alarm whatsoever. But we can never be satisfied where any crime exists. We can always be better, we can always do more.” To this extent, the Mayor welcomed the residents’ input and suggestions.