Dr. Robert Trager Becomes President of the Nassau County Dental Society and Presented Distinguished Leadership Award by Mayor Koblenz

Mayor Koblenz presented to Dr. Robert M. Trager the Village’s Award recognizing Dr. Trager’s outstanding community and professional accomplishments and achievements. The award and installation took place at Pine Hollow Country Club on January 9, 2016. The award recognized “Dr. Trager has established the finest reputation and respect as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of East Hills, and as a fine practitioner in the profession of Dentistry. As a trusted advisor in the Village Administration he has furthered the best interests of his community.”

The plaque went on to say: “As a member of the profession of Dentistry his accolades are too extensive to recount. His service, now, as President of the Nassau County Dental Society is another great testament to his ability, his experience, and his proven leadership capabilities. Dr. Trager’s illustrious background includes: serving as a member of the former Dental Society of the State of New York Board of Governors and an Alternate Delegate to the American Dental Association House of Delegates; holding numerous committee positions within the Queens County Dental Society; providing outstanding service as a long-time member of the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting Board where he served as Chairperson of Exhibits and as GLIDM General Chairperson in 2002; and founding – 31 years ago – an Oral Cancer Screening program. As a result of Dr. Trager’s prominent success in his practice of Dentistry he has become affectionately known as the “Airport Dentist.” As an historical note, Dr. Trager opened his first JFK office in 1985, and the present one in 2001 after the International Arrivals building was demolished – and opened his LGA office in 1991. Because of Dr. Trager’s outstanding accomplishments, stellar background and rare talents, the Incorporated Village of East Hills expresses its profound appreciation to him and declares him the recipient of this Distinguished Leadership Award.”