Krav Maga Arrives With Gusto in East Hills

Trustee Clara Pomerantz brings the concept of Krav Maga, Israeli self- defense, to East Hills “It is fun, challenging, and a useful way to stay fit” she concluded. So with a public purpose in mind, she arranged for the instructors, scheduled the event, and then solicited residents to enroll. She invited children to participate in one class and adults to enroll in another time slot. As the reservations started pouring in, she realized she would even have to add another adult class.

The result was that the course was an overwhelming success and a generous admixture of fun, athleticism, and exercise.

The instructors are experts in martial arts, fitness, and team-building instruction. Their experience comes not only comes from the classroom, but also, almost universally from their own lengthy military service. Most all the instructors are members of Israel’s elite combat units with wide experience in leadership, instruction, and motivational speaking. They are also educators. They have a passion to share their skills and inspire others.


Trustee Clara Pomerantz, (right), organizer and originator of the Krav Maga Program in East Hills is shown, with Trustee Stacey Siegel, the instructors and children taking the Krav Maga Class.


Adults practice the art of self-defense and exercise to the instructor’s commands.