Hot Doggety


On Tuesday, August 30th, the Senior Activities Committee traveled down memory lane as they took a trip to Coney Island. As soon as they arrived the East Hills seniors were greeted and then given Famous Nathan’s hot dogs. Then a professional guide escorted the group on a tour of the area, pointing out the landmark attractions and recounting the proud history. The group was told little-known secrets like both the “rollercoaster” and the “hot dog” were invented at Coney Island. The seniors then walked along the world famous Boardwalk as they heard stories about the three historical amusement parks (Steeplechase, Luna Park and Dreamland) that once lit up the Brooklyn shoreline at night. The group then headed off to Brighton Beach, and later enjoyed Russian delicacies at Tatiana’s Restaurant on the Boardwalk. After lunch, the seniors stopped by many of the shops under the El, and even strolled along the boardwalk. “It was another highly successful trip for our seniors. The SAC committee, led by Stanley Stern, continues its string of victories. Congratulations to everyone involved with the planning and implementing of this very special trip” said Mayor Michael Koblenz.