Moody’s Investors Service Gives East Hills an Excellent Credit Position

Moody’s Investors Service, a bond credit rating business, has reviewed the finances of East Hills, and has concluded our credit position is “excellent,” and reaffirmed our “Aa1 rating.” The organization stated the economic situation in East Hills “reflects a very strong financial position, and a superior socioeconomic profile with a solid tax base.” It went on to state “Surplus operating margins demonstrate strong financial management.”

Mayor Koblenz stated: “Naturally, we are all very proud and gratified by these results. I thank the members of our board and my administration team for their prudence, resourcefulness and efficiency.”

The Mayor continued: “We are pleased that Moody’s also lauded the village by concluding as follows:”

“The village has a robust financial position . . .”

“The village has a very healthy economy and tax base overall, which are aligned with its Aa1 rating.”

“East Hills’ net direct debt to full value (0.7%) is under other Moody’s-rated cities nationwide.”

The complete report can be viewed here.