New Resident’s Brunch Held for Newest East Hills Neighbors

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, the Village of East Hills continued its program of welcoming its newest residents into the community by holding a brunch at the Village Theatre. Mayor Koblenz spoke about the programs at the Village and in the Park and Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, and Trustees Clara Pomerantz, Brian Meyerson, and Stacey Siegel spoke about their areas of specialty in the Village.

The event has been offered to new residents for many years. It is a way to officially greet new members of the community and allow Village officials to answer their questions. Typically, security, special pick-ups, building issues and even programs by Kids in the Park and other committees are frequently discussed. The event is usually held twice a year.

Mayor Michael Koblenz said: “It’s always a pleasure to get to meet and talk to the newest members of our community. Through these events our sense of community shines through.” The Mayor invites all new residents who have not attended the welcoming party to call Village Hall to sign-up for the next get-together.