Great Park and Pool Open for the Summer Season!

The Park at East Hills overflowed with children and families as the Village opened it pool and park for the summer on May 26, 2018. Mayor Michael Koblenz praised the fun-filled opening as he said the members of Kids in the Park Committee, the Village staff, lifeguards, and everyone involved, deserve the greatest praise for producing a highly successful day. “Once again, it was a perfect beginning to a summer of fun” said Mayor Koblenz.

During the day it was estimated that 900 residents, children, and guests entered the pool to the celebrate the occasion. “We had a such an overwhelming response that it makes us all proud to be a part of the special event, and once again, thrilled to live in East Hills” added the Mayor.

The spectacular day featured DJ music, a craft provided by the Kids in the Park Committee, and give-aways. Geo Events, produced what was described as a “sensational program.” A special thank you goes to Gold Sponsor, Coldwell Banker, for generously supporting the event.

The Park at East Hills is open to residents and guests only.

The Kids in the Park Committee includes Co-Chairs: Robyn Brattner & Ellie Tulumba; Members: Alethea Shapiro, Risa Eshaghian, Tracey Fiddle, Rachel Liebman, Tara O’Neill, Danielle Pradas, Keri Prestia, Melody Schor, Elyse Sentner, Allyson Stumacher, Natalie Viener; and, Manny Zuckerman, Deputy Mayor & Supervising Trustee, Clara Pomerantz, Supervising Trustee, and Stacey Siegel, Supervising Trustee.