East Hills Tennis Champions Crowned!

This year, one of East Hills’ most competitive tennis tournaments was held on August 3, 2018.  After many rounds of play, Bindya and Anand Melwani were victorious. While the Melwani’s were first place winners, Zach and Lauren Bloomgarten captured second place. The tournament hosted highly experienced tennis players with significant skills.

Steve Alhadeff, the East Hills’ Tennis Pro, organized and conducted the event at the Park.  The couples competed in a “round robin” format which pitted each participating team to play against each other. Steve Alhadeff stated, “The participants enjoyed the competition. Once again, we held another highly successful tennis competition at the Park. I congratulate the winners and hope that in the future our program continues to build.  Next year, I expect that we’ll have even more participants and a bigger program.”

Pictured below, from left to right, are the runner-ups, Zach and Lauren Bloomgarten, and the winners, Bindya and Anand Melwani.