East Hills Celebrates Wellness Day!

On Sunday, August 26, 2018, East Hill’s hosted its annual “Wellness Day” event at the pool. Vendors with products and services to promote health and wellness were offered to their residents and guests.

The event was dedicated to providing information, and promoting products and services on how residents can lead healthier, happier lives. Vendors sold beauty oils and products, cosmetics, self-defense instructors and healthy supplements and juices.

Mayor Koblenz said “thanks to Trustee, Clara Pomerantz and Barbara Kaplan, the event was highly successful. We appreciate the hard work and diligence that Clara and Barbara contributed to the overwhelming success of the program.”

Pictured above is East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz (left), with Trustees Clara Pomerantz (center) and Brian Meyerson (right).

Attending Wellness Day are, from left to right, East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz, with Trustees Clara Pomerantz and Brian Meyerson.

One of many booths at Wellness Day for health and well-being.