Pre-COVID Event: East Hills Celebrates Annual Kids in the Park Halloween Spooktacular!

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, the East Hills Kids in the Park Committee celebrated its annual Halloween Spooktacular. Approximately 800 children and adults attended the event with children dressed up as some of their favorite characters, from witches to firemen, and from spider-man to sheriffs! A DJ played music while the children danced, enjoyed carnival games, jumped on Halloween themed bounce houses, and rode on a Halloween hayride, donated by Garden World. Children also picked their own pumpkins from the patch to decorate. It was a spectacular day filled with a wide range of Halloween activities.

The event was considered a success in great part due to the generous sponsorship of Joyce Styne of Berkshire Hathaway and Pierce Country Day Camp.

The Kids in the Park Committee Co-Chairs are Ellie Tulumba and Robyn Brattner, and Alethea Shapiro is the Vice Chair. The members of the Committee include: Risa Eshaghian, Tracey Fiddle, Rachel Liebman, Danielle Pradas, Elyse Sentner, Allyson Stumacher, Natalie Viener, Lauren Director, and Keri Prestia. The supervising trustees include Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, and Trustees Clara Pomerantz and Stacey Siegel.

Mayor Michael Koblenz, center, is joined by TNH Supervisor Judi Bosworth, TNH Councilman Peter Zuckerman and, from left to right, Trustee Brian Meyerson and Trustee Stacey Siegel, and, on right, Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, along with wonderful Halloween dressed children, Josh and Abbe Cash.