East Hills Social Committee Host Evenings with Holocaust Survivor, Sami Steigmann

On Tuesday March 28, 2023, and Wednesday March 29, 2023, The East Hills Social Committee was proud to host evenings featuring Holocaust survivor Sami Steigmann. Mayor Michael Koblenz moderated the event. In total, over 200 residents and guests attended the programs.

Mr. Steigmann was born in December 1939 in the former Soviet Union. His life was ridden with turmoil. He survived in a Nazi labor camp and was personally the victim of Nazi medical experimentation. The audience was moved and inspired as Mr. Steigmann shared his story. Mr. Steigmann urged a greater response to antisemitism through more concerted efforts in the press. He also held out hope that by talking to children, the message of tolerance and acceptance can be achieved. Mayor Koblenz said “Remembering the horrors the Nazis inflicted and the scourge of the past is critical. I thank Sami for informing us, vividly, of hatred that existed, but lending us hope that through our younger generations of children we can flourish.”

The event was planned by The East Hills Social Committee. The Co-Chairs are Fanny Boneh, Lindsay Giloni, and Rachel Tubian. The Supervising Trustee is Clara Pomerantz.

Mayor Koblenz (L) is shown speaking with Holocaust survivor Sami Steigmann (R).

Holocaust survivor Sami Steigmann (R), with Mayor Koblenz (L), addresses the audience at the Village Theater at East Hills

Mayor Koblenz (third from left) and Sami Steigmann (fourth from right), with (L-R) Trustee Brian Meyerson, East Hills Social Committee Co-Chair Rachel Tubian, Bonnie Koblenz, East Hills Social Committee Co-Chair Fanny Boneh, Councilman Peter Zuckerman, and Trustee Stacey Siegel.

A young audience member participates in the Q&A session with Sami Steigmann