SAC Hello to Spring! Luncheon at Kyma

Wednesday, April 3rd at 1:OO pm

“People who love to eat are always the best people” Julia Child

Upon arrival you will notice an inviting outdoor dining patio that expresses traditional Grecian elements while maintaining contemporary detail. As you step inside you’ll be transported by the Santorini aesthetic where fresh ingredients hit your senses and human interaction is a refreshing priority.

Kyma’s airy, whitewashed wood design balanced by European stucco, evokes the stylized spirit of the Greek Islands. Generous seating at long white wooden tables are lined with plush, white canvas cushions. More intimate tables also dot the larger dining room. A sleek, oval bar separates the dining room from the lounge area. The energy is high in this fun social spot that has been a welcome addition to our quaint Roslyn Village.

Cost: $40 Residents/$48 Non-residents