New Committee Against Airplane Noise Pollution

As you may be aware, for years our Village has been deeply involved with opposing the higher noise levels, added congestion, and additional pollution from increase airplane traffic. I summoned a meeting of mayors and officials, including our former Town Supervisor, and even offered some seed money to launch a lawsuit. I also allowed sound equipment to read noise levels at the Park.

Unfortunately, despite these and other efforts the noise and pollution has not abated.

We must continue to do all we can to fight the noise and pollution from airplanes and protect our health and well-being.

To present our positions and reach out to federal representatives, I am asking all concerned residents to join a new Village Committee, with the mantra being “Plane Wrong!”  I thank Robyn Brattner, and Jeremy and Keri Bergman for already being a part of our village-wide efforts.

Please email with your name, address, home and cell numbers so we can form a new committee as soon as possible.

While the federal government, (The Senate Commerce Committee and the House Transportation Committee and FAA), regulates airlines, we must pursue having the planes fly higher, adopting other flight patterns and change the stacking of the planes waiting to land, etc. Thank you for considering this request!

Michael R. Koblenz